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What better way to decorate during the holidays than with a pretty display of poinsettias? This traditional favorite remains the best-selling potted flowering plant in the nation! Luckily for you, the Green Team not only offers great prices on poinsettias during the holiday season, these plant pundits can also provide expert tips on how to creatively decorate with them! Here are some fun ideas to help out with your poinsettia perspective:

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Boots A’Bloom

This great little centerpiece is not only festive for the holidays, but a very easy DIY project! All you need are a pair of old rain boots, a little potting soil and some pretty poinsettias! Fill the boot cavity with the planting soil, roughly 6 inches from the top of the boot. Then, remove the plants from their packaging and gently loosen up the root balls. Place the poinsettias in the boots and add additional soil as needed. Watering the plants every couple of days will help keep your poinsettias preserved through the holidays!

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Prime Placement

Known as the classic Christmas plant, poinsettias are used in a wide variety of arrangements and also come in many colors. When arranged properly, poinsettias can actually create quite a beautiful aesthetic with their large blooms and bold leaves they are so well known for. Simply use any empty container that you have at home, and use extra trimmings from your tree, garland or your backyard! Simply place the poinsettias (still within their individual pots) into the container and cover with your trimmings so they spill over the sides.

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Table Décor

Are red poinsettias not your thing? You can still make these white blooms look just as festive for the holidays with this easy DIY! You will need a clear glass vase, fresh cranberries, water and a four-inch poinsettia plant. Pour your water and cranberries into the vase and place your potted poinsettia right in the middle, being sure to leave at least an inch of the pot above the water. Now this centerpiece is ready for holiday dinner parties as tabletop décor!

Not only are poinsettias perfect for holiday décor; they are also a great conversation piece with a rich history. The namesake, Joel Roberts Poinsett, brought over the “flor de nochebuena,” or the “plant of Christmas Eve,” from Mexico during one of his trips as US Minister to Mexico. He then sent the plant to his home in Charleston, South Carolina, where it’s ease of growing made it simple to plant more – and the rest is history! December 12 is known as National Poinsettia Day, marking the death of Poinsett in 1851. This year, celebrate accordingly with PLANTation Services and decorate for the holidays with this festive flora, and some new trivia too!

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