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Thank You!

For 12 years in a row, you have voted PLANTation Services as the Best Interior Plant Service, and we could not be more grateful!

Thank you for trusting us to bring your spaces to life and to provide your plants with the caring and nurturing they need. Our Green Team is dedicated to providing top-knotch service to our customers. Through the years, we have continued to adapt and to grow with our customers, and it has been a fun ride!

Whether you need a simple plant design or a complex installation, we strive to exceed your expectations. Our reputation for providing detailed plant-design consultations and reliable plant maintenance has presented us the ability to handle any plant endeavor that comes our way.

Thank you, again, for voting us as the Best Interior Plant Service for 2016. We look back at years of support in gratitude, and we look forward to providing you exceptional plant service for years to come!

Find PLANTation Services’ name listed in the Arkansas Business Best of Business feature. This recognition shows that we are dedicated to providing the best plant service to Arkansas.


Have You Thanked A Weed Today? | PLANTation Services | Indoor Plants Little Rock

Despite the recent “snowpocalypse” that hit the Little Rock area early this month, it looks like spring is finally here! At PLANTation Services, plants are our specialty. If you need indoor plants in Little Rock, real or artificial office plants in North Little Rock, or indoor landscaping in Conway, our dedicated Green Team has everything you need.

Not surprisingly, spring is our favorite time of year – the time when flowers bloom, plants grow and everything just starts to come alive. All of which begs the question: have you thanked a weed today?

That’s right – a weed! March 28th is Weed Appreciation Day. No, not what you’re thinking. Even though they can cause headaches in your garden, there’s a lot we owe to these pesky weeds. Here is one weed that you may remember from your childhood, and a few reasons why it may be better just to let those weeds live.

Lazy Dandelion Days
Weed Appreciation Day Indoor Plants Little Rock

Oh dandelions – you remember, those bright yellow flowers filled with milk? Maybe you used them to make flower stem necklaces? Maybe you crushed their flowers to make a bright yellow dye for art projects? Or, depending on the season, maybe you used to lie on the lawn blowing the white puffballs at the sky to watch the seeds drift away? And here’s a little-known secret – you can even eat them. Take some dandelion greens, onions, basil and tomatoes and you have a pretty tasty little salad. Got some garlic and olive oil? Sautee those suckers. There’s plenty you can do with dandelions.

Some people hunt these plants down, ripping them from their garden and using harsh pesticides. Sure, a perfectly manicured lawn may look tidy, but variety is the spice of life, right?

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Celebrate Spring and Improve your Arkansas Workplace with Indoor Plants

Do you need office plants in Hot Springs? Flowering plants in North Little Rock? How about tropical plants in Heber Springs?

If you need any live or artifical plantscapes in Cabot, Searcy, Conway or El Dorado trust your interior plant design work to our Green Team at PLANTation Services. Spring is here, and soon everything will be turning green and growing strong, so why should your business be any different? Add spring vibrancy to your office and see the real benefits for your workplace. Here are a few reasons why live plants are not only pretty, but can actually improve the productivity of your work environment. Office Plants in Little Rock Arkansas
Looking for a Promotion? Buy a Plant
In December 2013, a group of scientists from the University of Exeter got together for a study to see if plants have any real, measurable effect on workplace productivity. They measured 350 subjects over 90 different experiments and measured happiness, creativity and productivity in various work environments.

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Live, Beautiful Holiday Poinsettias Are Here And Available For Purchase

It’s that time of year again. The 2013 holiday season is here and your poinsettias are ready to be ordered. Bring the holiday spirit to your home or office by choosing from a variety of colors and decorative covers. Download our poinsettia order form or call us at (501) 821-5770 to place your order.

Choose from several options, including:

  • Single Premium Poinsettia Without a Container
  • Premium Poinsettia in Foil Cover
  • Premium Poinsettia in a Decorative Metal Container
  • Two Premium Poinsettias in Decorative Metal Container, or
  • Custom Made Holiday Euro Garden

This year’s selection offers a choice of red, white or pink poinsettias. For our current PLANTation Services clients, we offer free delivery and our specialists will tend to your plant’s needs for an additional $5.

Looking for a gift or a festive addition to your home or business? Place an order with PLANTation Services for your holiday poinsettias today by calling (501) 821-5770, or you can fax the poinsettia order form to (501) 821-5751.

National Indoor Plant Week Giveaway Winners

national indoor plant week giveaway winners

Thank you so much for those of you who participated in our National Indoor Plant Week Giveaway!!!

We have drawn for our winners and they are:

Lillian Matteson of the Wyndham Hotel and
Angela Moore of the State House Convention Bureau!


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