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National Plants at Work Week

If you’re working full time, chances are you haven’t had time to develop a green thumb. The last time that you owned a plant was probably in the first grade when you grew a milkweed plant in a plastic cup to learn about photosynthesis. However, it is officially National Plants at Work Week and this could be the perfect opportunity to branch out into plant ownership.

Of course, you’re not alone in this endeavor. The PLANTation Services Green Team can help with anything and everything you might run into this week. Whether you want to rent plants in Little Rock for the entire office or revitalize a plant that needs some help in Hot Springs, we’re here for you!

This week is a celebration of the great things plants contribute to our lives. You probably learned about how they help us breathe in your first grade photosynthesis lesson. There are many more reasons that plants give more than they take.

Plants are more than just eco-friendly decoration. They also provide psychological comfort in the workplace. Being able to see plants during a workday can make you feel less stressed. They can also make you be more productive and comfortable in your environment due to a slight increase in humidity.

The best part about National Plants at Work Week is that you can start small and grow. By just bringing a few plants into the workplace, you could see a vast difference in your team. PLANTation Services’ Green Team can help the adventure be as stress-free as possible.

Here are a few plants and facts about them to help you decide where to start:



Succulents have been trending lately on social media outlets such as Instagram and Pinterest. Since they are small in size, they can fit well on a desk. They also look cool and are the perfect starter plants while you are building your confidence to get larger office plants for your team.

Sanseveria (or Snake Plants)

When you see one, you won’t miss it. Its defined structure keeps you interested and truly adds to a room. This plant is the perfect medium-sized decoration to add interest to a lobby area or meeting room. You can purchase the snake plant when it’s small and watch it grow to up to four feet tall. With this plant, the office is sure to feel brighter and well-decorated.

Ficus Rubra (or Rubber Trees)

You have probably seen these plants in an office or conference room – their sturdy and rich-colored leaves certainly make a statement. The best thing about these plants is that they can thrive in medium to bright light and a temperature range from 60 to 80 degrees. So whether your office team cranks it up or makes it a borderline icebox, you won’t have to worry about these impressive plants.


Maybe plants are something you’d like to keep around the office but you don’t have time to keep up with maintenance. That’s where we come in – at PLANTation Services we’ll handle all plant maintenance for your office. They may also be the solution to add liveliness in offices with neutral-colored walls and carpets.

If you are in central Arkansas and would like to improve your workplace’s atmosphere or impress clients by going green, PLANTation Services can be your personal green-thumbed Green Team. Give us a quick call at 888-821-5770 today and we’ll get this week started off the right way!

This Earth Day, Plant it for our Planet | AR Indoor Plants

As we mentioned in a previous blog, the fact that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen is one of the first things we learn in school. However, in honor of Earth Day, we thought we’d share a few other ways plants are beneficial to Earth and the humans who live here.

While you’re here, are you looking for some indoor plants to spice up your Little Rock workplace? Need tropical plants or flowers for your wedding or event in Jacksonville? If you need indoor landscaping services, plant rental or even plant maintenance in the Little Rock area, give our Green Team at PLANTation Services a call! We’ve worked with many local businesses throughout Arkansas, so we know the perfect plants for any occasion. Now, here are a few of the reasons plants are essential to the health of our environment:

Earth Day Plants Little Rock

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Have You Thanked A Weed Today? | PLANTation Services | Indoor Plants Little Rock

Despite the recent “snowpocalypse” that hit the Little Rock area early this month, it looks like spring is finally here! At PLANTation Services, plants are our specialty. If you need indoor plants in Little Rock, real or artificial office plants in North Little Rock, or indoor landscaping in Conway, our dedicated Green Team has everything you need.

Not surprisingly, spring is our favorite time of year – the time when flowers bloom, plants grow and everything just starts to come alive. All of which begs the question: have you thanked a weed today?

That’s right – a weed! March 28th is Weed Appreciation Day. No, not what you’re thinking. Even though they can cause headaches in your garden, there’s a lot we owe to these pesky weeds. Here is one weed that you may remember from your childhood, and a few reasons why it may be better just to let those weeds live.

Lazy Dandelion Days
Weed Appreciation Day Indoor Plants Little Rock

Oh dandelions – you remember, those bright yellow flowers filled with milk? Maybe you used them to make flower stem necklaces? Maybe you crushed their flowers to make a bright yellow dye for art projects? Or, depending on the season, maybe you used to lie on the lawn blowing the white puffballs at the sky to watch the seeds drift away? And here’s a little-known secret – you can even eat them. Take some dandelion greens, onions, basil and tomatoes and you have a pretty tasty little salad. Got some garlic and olive oil? Sautee those suckers. There’s plenty you can do with dandelions.

Some people hunt these plants down, ripping them from their garden and using harsh pesticides. Sure, a perfectly manicured lawn may look tidy, but variety is the spice of life, right?

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Celebrate Spring and Improve your Arkansas Workplace with Indoor Plants

Do you need office plants in Hot Springs? Flowering plants in North Little Rock? How about tropical plants in Heber Springs?

If you need any live or artifical plantscapes in Cabot, Searcy, Conway or El Dorado trust your interior plant design work to our Green Team at PLANTation Services. Spring is here, and soon everything will be turning green and growing strong, so why should your business be any different? Add spring vibrancy to your office and see the real benefits for your workplace. Here are a few reasons why live plants are not only pretty, but can actually improve the productivity of your work environment. Office Plants in Little Rock Arkansas
Looking for a Promotion? Buy a Plant
In December 2013, a group of scientists from the University of Exeter got together for a study to see if plants have any real, measurable effect on workplace productivity. They measured 350 subjects over 90 different experiments and measured happiness, creativity and productivity in various work environments.

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Care about your indoor air? Get some plants

Little Rock Indoor Plants

We probably all learned in a science class that plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. We’ve also probably learned at some point that without the world’s jungles and forests our air would quickly become unbreathable.

When discussing air quality, people most often focus on the atmosphere in general. But of almost equal importance, is the quality of the air inside our workplaces where we spend a third or more of our time and are exposed to pollutants from cleaning supplies, paints and varnishes or even residual pesticides on fruits and vegetables.

February is National Care About Your Indoor Air Month, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about the air purification properties of indoor plantscapes. Relying on the wealth of horticultural knowledge here at Plantation Services and a study on the air purification qualities of indoor plants performed by NASA, we’ve come up with a list eight plants you can put in your office or give as gifts to clean air and spruce up the workplace.

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