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Have Fun at Work Day: PLANTation Services Style

Have Fun at Work Day: PLANTation Services Style

While April 1 might be Have Fun at Work Day for everyone else, we celebrate it every day PLANTation Services! We truly love caring for our green friends and keeping your indoor spaces beautiful and inviting. But, we also care for our own team, too!

PLANTation Services Team

We want to take this opportunity to also celebrate our fearless leader and owner of PLANTation Services, Robin Connell, who works hard to do excellent work and makes it fun to work here. We know there are lots of great places to work, but we think PLANTation Services is someplace really special.

Did you know that almost every Friday morning Robin cooks the staff breakfast? And, we don’t mean just bringing a box of donuts (although we NEVER say no to donuts). She cooks eggs to order, waffles, egg casserole or any other number of baked goodies she can whip up and we get to spend quality time together, enjoying our great team!

Team at Shower

Robin has been at PLANTation Services since 2006, and she quickly moved into management. In fall of 2011, the owners presented Robin with the opportunity to purchase the company. Robin thinks it’s important to work together like a family, especially with such a small staff. In this field, each teammate travels daily and they are hardly ever in the office together – except for Friday mornings.

Team Meeting

That’s part of what makes the breakfast tradition so important! It’s our time to gather together and enjoy our family time. Interested in joining our Green Team? Click here to learn more about Robin’s journey and apply!

New Plants for 2018!

We don’t pick favorites between plants. We love our tried and true plant choices, but each year we explore bringing more variety to our clients. We are always excited to offer new options to you! Here are three new plants we are offering in 2018 that will soon become favorites for all of us.

  1. Meet the millenials’ new favorite, the Pilea peperomioides.

peperomioides Photo courtesy of

You may recognize this plant as a favorite from the 70’s and 80’s. Like many great things, this beloved Peperomia look-alike is coming back in style! This little beauty is easy to grow and produces often variegated, textured leaves. This plant’s unique look makes it a tiny showstopper. Hang it, put it on your counter top or in a terrarium, this versatile little plant will thrive. While this variety may not be available, there are other great options like Pilea Baby Tears, Pulea Aluminum, or Pilea Friendship. Check out these other varieties or call us and let our experts pick the perfect place for you.

2. Live on the wild side with the “Tiger’s Jaw” succulent.

Tiger's Jaw Photo courtesy of

This succulent is sure become a new favorite! The sharp spines along the edges of these speckled leaves really do look like the teeth of a tiger. The star-shaped rosettes grow close to the ground in dry, rocky terrain. A hot, sunny environment will suite them perfectly. In the fall, you may see yellow flowers bloom, especially if they get cooler temperatures as winter arrives. These beauties will be a special addition to any succulent garden.

3. Discover rarities like the Sansevieria “Lancia.”

Sansevieria Photo courtesy of Morning Dew Tropical Plants

This plant is a very rare species, which has been honed over the last seven years by the grower. It is a variation of Sansevieria Javelin/African Spears, which is seen in its tall, spear-like leaves. It can grow to be over 4 feet tall and has very thick leaves. Hurry now – this rarity is only availably in limited quantities!

Interested in these beauties? Give our Green Team a call today and PLANTation Services will provide and maintain these gorgeous plants for your special indoor spaces! These unique new plants can come and go quickly, so don’t wait. Call us today!

Turn Your Special Event Green with PLANTation Services

The spring and summer months bring lots of special events like weddings, graduations and other family gatherings. Did you know that PLANTation Services offers plant rentals and installations for these exact moments?

Check out our short-term rentals that can fit any budget or occasion in Central Arkansas. Whether you need a centerpiece for a party, stage plants for a special ceremony or beautiful additions for an elegant event, our plant experts at PLANTation Services will work with you to design the perfect interior landscape.

Stem Conference Stage Live Plant Show Arkansas Food Hall of Fame

Check out other examples of our work HERE!

So, how does it work? For event-specific plant rentals, contact us and we will talk through your plant goals. Where is your event taking place? Is there a stage or a podium? Do you want greenery around the room to soften the space or do you have a focal piece in mind? Then we can talk details and get prepared for your special event.

Our Green Team will design and install the perfect indoor plant landscape for your special event. PLANTation Services is your trusted provider for long- or short-term rentals. We can even help you pick out plants to keep and help you maintain them year-round. Click here to get your FREE quote today!

Natural Impacts on Plant Availability

At PLANTation Services, we strive to offer a large variety of plants to accommodate your interior landscape dreams. There’s no limit to creativity, and providing many options helps to achieve beautiful spaces for our clients. For the next few months, we will continue to see limited availability of tropical plants as the plant industry continues to feel the ripple effects of Mother Nature and typical seasonal changes in buying.

Natural disasters, such as Hurricane Irma, which destroyed parts of Florida in September 2017, impact communities outside of the immediately damaged areas. The plant industry sees consequences for months, sometimes years, to come.

Photo courtesy of

Most of our plants come from South Florida, and the weather conditions for that state greatly impact plant growth and survival – and therefore inventory. Because of the recent storm, the Florida plant supply was immediately limited. The available plants were sold quickly as each grower faced dwindling inventory. Some plants varieties were impacted harder than others but overall there is still very limited availability. ficus We are currently seeing shorter plants in general. The tallest palms are topping out around 5 feet tall, and certain trees are limited in height as well. Some ficus trees, for example, are currently running at about 4 feet tall, when the typical height is 6 or 8 feet. ficus 2 Also impacting the current availability is the time of year. When spring rolls around, most people feel a desire for freshness, beauty and color around them. That means more plants! This year, with the impact of the storm, we are facing the springtime increase in demand on top of the existing availability limitations from the storm.

While natural disasters and seasonal changes impact availability, this shortage of plants is only temporary.  Our team has the talent and knowledge to create a design that will thrive even with the shortages.  Our Green Team is eager to help you create the perfect indoor landscape as we head into these spring months. We are dedicated to our clients. In fact, we were recently voted the 2017 Arkansas Business Best Interior Plant Service for the 13th year in a row! Give us a call at (888) 821-5770 or fill out the contact form today and find the perfect plants for this season!

Top 5 Low-Light-Loving Plants

As the days grow shorter, it is important to pay attention to the amount of light your indoor plants receive. Our Green Team at PLANTation Services is here to help with a quick list of our top 5 low-light-loving plants!   In order to determine a low light plant, you first have to identify what “low light” is. Light levels are measured in foot-candles, how bright the light is one foot away from the source. The average light indoors ranges from 50 fc to 500 fc, so make sure your plants can survive within this range for indoor spaces with low light.  

1. English Ivy (100 – 200 fc) 

Photo courtesy of

Ivy plants bring a bit of the outdoors in with bright green, white or yellow colors. There are many varieties of ivy, but the English ivy cultivars are the most common type of ivy grown in homes. English ivy grows well in low light and cool temperatures. The solid green leaf will tolerate low light while the varieties with variegated leaves will require medium light conditions to keep their variegation. The way ivy falls along the sides of furniture gives indoor spaces a delicate and refined look.  

2. Chinese Evergreens (50 – 250 fc)

Image courtesy of

Chinese evergreens are a very popular houseplant because of their low-maintenance care. Moderate or low-light placement suits these plants just fine as they enjoy being in indirect sunlight. A warmer, humid environment is ideal for these indoor plants. Make sure you don’t overwater these plants or you’ll risk root rot. Keep all conditions moderate, and the Chinese evergreen will be an easy addition to your space.  

3. Dracaena species (50 – 250 fc) 

Image courtesy of

Sometimes called a Dragon Tree, this plant species is large and in charge. These plants do well in medium and low light. They thrive indoors with warmer temperatures and constant moisture. But if you want to keep these plants vibrantly colored, move them into brightly lit areas and watch them flourish.  

4. Peace Lily (50 – 250 fc) 

Image courtesy of

These versatile plants come in many shapes and sizes. Different types such as the ‘Power Petite’ and ‘Sweet Chico’ will stay small on a table top, but certain peace lilies in a large pot can grow up to six feet tall. They prefer indirect light, so as long as your room has a window, this plant will continue to grow. They are constantly producing bloom after bloom of beautiful, white, flag-like petals. This flexible plant would be a perfect addition to any indoor space.  

5. Parlor Palm (50 – 250 fc) 

Image courtesy of

The parlor palm also known as neanthe bella palm or Chamaedorea elegans, is slow-growing and low-light-loving. This palm can reach up to four feet tall and makes an elegant statement. If it is put in the lower end of its light spectrum, the parlor palm will begin to thin. Generally, this palm only needs its soil watered when it is dry to the touch. But in winter months like these, an occasional mist will keep this plant thriving.  

These low-light-loving plants are the picture-perfect addition to your wintertime décor. Unsure which plant is the perfect fit? Our Green Team can help! Our indoor plant experts will design the perfect plantscape for your indoor space. Whether it is an office, a retail space, or your home, PLANTation Services can find the ideal plant and help keep them thriving all year long. Give us a call today and find out why we were voted Arkansas’ Best Interior Plant Service 13 years in a row!

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