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Pro Tips from Your PLANTation Services Green Team

Pro Tips from Your PLANTation Services Green Team

Our Green Team at PLANTation Services is all about making sure your plants get the best care. There are so many misconceptions in the plant world on best practices for plant maintenance. We want to take this moment to give you our very best advice, or “pro tips,” if you will, for your plants.

1. Sunlight: Are your plants getting a sunburn? Make sure you know the healthiest amount of sun your plants should be receiving. Typically, indoor plants have problems getting enough sunlight, rather than too much. Although it isn’t very common indoors, too much sun can cause bleaching of the leaves – like a plant sunburn! bleached plant leaves

2. Pruning: The first cut might be the deepest, but your plants might actually need a little trim. However, less is typically more when pruning. You don’t want to make your plants look like a hedge, but a few selective cuts can keep indoor plants full and shapely. As a general rule, any discolored or spotty foliage should be removed. Once a leaf is discolored it won’t turn back green and it’s healthier for your plant if you remove it! Additionally, it is not necessary to repot your indoor plants very often – if ever. Only repot if your plant has grown so tall that it’s top-heavy.

Plant Care

3. Wat-er You Thinking?? One of the most common ways to kill your plants is over-watering. When a plant’s container has excess unabsorbed water, the water will sit on its roots. When this condition is prolonged, it can lead to root rot for which there is no cure. Overwatering can also cause an infestation of fungus gnats which can be a huge nuisance to the human inhabitants trying to enjoy the plant’s presence.

Green Team Core

4. Plan Ahead: Whether it’s a weekend away or a long Thanksgiving holiday, time away from your plants means they might miss out on regular maintenance. Make sure to plan ahead and provide your plants with what they need while you’re away. The best rule of thumb for indoor plants is consistent care. If your travels cause you to miss out on a watering, be sure to make arrangements for your absence – a plant sitter if you will.

National Indoor Plant Week: Why Plants?

National Indoor Plant Week: Why Plants?

Humans have an innate connection to nature. In fact, it’s science. Biophilia is the word used to identify this relationship – that our connection to the natural world is an important part of what makes us humans. We want to take a moment and celebrate National Indoor Plant Week by exploring why having plants in our spaces speaks to our intrinsic biophilic instincts. Green Team at work!

Throughout human history, we have continually spent more and more time indoors inside built environments. These usually consist of concrete, steel, plaster and other cold materials that are far from natural. We lack the warmth, softness and greenery that humans have lived and worked around for centuries. Moss Wall - Art Installation

Something changes in people when we reintroduce plants and greenery into our living and working spaces. Researchers in a recent study from Harvard concluded that employees in green-certified offices (spaces with plants) get a 26 percent boost in cognition and 30 percent fewer sickness-related absences. Respondents also reported a 6 percent rise in their sleep quality, perhaps due to lower stress levels.

An Exeter University study found that employees were 15 percent more productive if they were working in a ‘green’ office than peers in more spartan environments. Bringing plants into our offices can actually improve our businesses, from the bottom line to employee well-being. That’s some serious green – in more ways than one! Green Team Our Green Team sees these benefits every day and we would love to share our plants with you. Celebrate National Indoor Plant Week with us and give our greens a try. Call us today at 501-821-5770 and let our plant care professionals design the perfect biophilic space for you. You can also submit this form online for a free quote today!

Check Out Our New Digs!

We’ve moved! Check out this video of our new 6,000 square-foot warehouse! We’re loving this new space and our plants are, too! They are thriving in the new, spacious facility.  

  Office Indoor

  PLANTation Services is growing and we outgrew our previous space. After searching for the perfect spot, we have landed at 18305 Lawson Road in Little Rock, which used to be home to a local body shop.


  Our construction began in November of 2017 and we have officially moved in as of March 16! If you’ve ever moved locations of your home or business, you know it is not simple, but it’s been exciting each step of the way. We love the large warehouse that provides us organized space for our plants and supplies. Our new office area provides ample space for our team to grow and a full kitchen for our Friday morning breakfasts. Not only were the existing structures a perfect clean slate for conversion to our new home, but we are also situated on more than 8 acres which means we won’t outgrow this home!

Team 1

Check out these beautiful photos of our new digs by Mark Fonville!

Indoor 1

Logo wall

Team 2

Interested in giving our plants a new home in your space? Use this form to get a free quote today and let our Green Team design the perfect plantscape for you!

To Rent or to Buy: That is the Question!

To Rent or to Buy: That is the Question! At PLANTation Services, we value flexibility. That’s why we offer our clients the opportunity to rent or buy their plants and planters. We are frequently asked if one option is better than the other. We thought we would take a moment and compare your options and help you make an informed decision. Wall plants in office Buying plants outright may seem daunting for some people, particularly if you’re managing a large facility that calls for a large plantscape. Many businesses operate on a fiscal calendar, and every budget works differently. If you have the money available in your budget, it might make more sense to purchase the plants and containers upfront. This would result in a monthly fee that would just be for the guaranteed care of the plants.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a large one-time purchase, perhaps renting the plants and decorative planters is a better option. Renting will result in a larger monthly payment, rather than a large up-front expense. Office plants Another reason that our clients sometimes choose the rental option over the purchase is for flexibility. If you chose the rental option, this gives you the ability and option to change out styles and colors after initial term of the contract. If your team moves office spaces or undergoes a remodel, it’s as simple as renting a different planter. We also offer the option of renting the plants and purchasing the containers if your budget falls somewhere in the middle. Green Team Photo With our Green Team Guarantee, clients can expect prompt, friendly service visits from a green team member ensuring healthy, vibrant and professionally-cared-for indoor plants regardless of whether they are purchased or rented. Still not sure which direction is right for you? Give our Green Team a call at (888) 821-5770. Our dedicated team of plant professionals will talk through your decision and help design, install and maintain the perfect plantscape for your space.

Living Wall Installations: Plants Go Up!

Visually defying gravity, plants walls are stunning installations of living art. This fresh look at plant design is inspired by natural occurrences that have been beautifying walls for thousands of years. Ferns, vines, shrubs and trees naturally take hold and grow in the crevices and pockets of cliffs, waterfalls, or in the mortar of brick or stone walls.

Living Wall Greenery Living walls are also sometimes called green walls, vertical planting systems, vertical gardens, plant walls or vegetated walls, according to Green Plants for Green Buildings. These plantscapes serve as living art and bring an unexpected design element to any space. As plants grow and bloom, the living wall becomes a constantly changing piece of art.

Living Wall PSI Did you know that a living wall actually naturally filters the air? The plants absorb the carbon dioxides and volatile organic compounds. Studies show that plants can even naturally reduce our stress and make us feel more at ease in our surroundings. A living wall could also be a great addition to an office space. It won’t take up valuable real estate and it will improve the environment for employees, supporting health and productivity.

Living Walls Piano If you’re looking to create a focal piece, fill a large wall space, or simply get creative with your indoor plants, give our Green Team a call at (888) 821-5770. Our dedicated team of plant professionals will help design, install and maintain the perfect piece of living art for your space.

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