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What causes tips of plants to curl?

The curling of plant tips can be caused by many things. Insects such as aphids, mites, and scale can sometimes cause leaves to curl. Additionally, environmental issues such as low humidity, low light, high temperatures and over and under watering can cause curling.

What is causing the fronds on my palm to turn brown?

Palms need a lot of water and humidity, but they cannot stand to be left standing in water. Check the root system for overwatering. Roots that have been overwatered will be dark brown to black and the outer skin of the root will be able to be slipped off, leaving the center. After the soil drys out, treat with a root rot fungicide.

What houseplants help ‘clean the air’?

Any house or office plant will help clean the air. Plants with large leaves such as fiddle leaf fig, philodendrons, and dumb cane (dieffenbachia) are a few examples. The bigger the leaves, the more cleaning effect they have.

There is a white crusty, salt-like layer on the surface of the soil. What is going on?

The excess white crusty, salt-like layer is a salt buildup in the soil. To correct this condition leach out the excess salts by watering thoroughly and water a second time in 30 minutes to wash the salts out the drainage . hole. Pour off the excess drainage water.

Does PLANTation Services serve residential customers?

Yes we do. In addition to office plant services, our indoor plant service guarantees that the indoor plants will maintain their good health and beauty to compliment and enhance the surrounding furnishings in the home.

What if we want more decorative containers?

We have a library full of catalogs with creative container ideas. The containers section in the services page has a list of a few catalogs that you can browse online. We will be happy to make suggestions and show you pictures to help you decide what containers will best suit your decor.

What is the advantage of leasing the plants and containers?

The big advantage is that the home and office plant lease plans allow greater flexibility. The plants and containers can more easily be changed as the office plant design and decor changes. You will often hear us say, “You aren’t married to any one thing that we do.” Our lease plan can easily adapt to your office needs.

What is the average monthly fee for your on-going plant care services?

Although our average monthly fee is approximately $140.00, we have many accounts that are under $100.00 per month. It all depends on the location of the business and the number and size of the home or office plants. Contact us now for a free consultation.

What do you use to clean your plants?

We use Brand X leaf shine or a mixture of water and peppermint oil to keep our plants clean and free of dust and pests.

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