If Your Plants Could Talk…

If Your Plants Could Talk…

Our team is dedicated to bringing life to every environment through plant design and maintenance. We love what we do and our focus is to continue to provide outstanding plant services to Arkansas.

If your plants could talk, what would they say? Maybe they would ask for more water or sunlight, or let you know they love to sit in that spot by the window! The fact that plants can’t tell us what they need can make knowing the best way to take care of them difficult.

At PLANTation Services, our experts can notice signs of distress. From those outward signs, we’re able to determine exactly what your plant needs to stay healthy and beautiful!

While plants can definitely communicate their physical needs, we want to hear your thoughts on how they’re doing. You get to see and enjoy them every day, so we want to know – If your plants could talk, what would they say?

If you’re a current customer, let us know what you think your plants have to say about PLANTation Services by filling out this quick three-question survey. If you’re not a customer, and would like help with plant design and care in your office or home, feel call toll-free at 888-821-5770. We promise to bring the beauty and serenity you need into any space, and that the plants we care for there will be thriving and singing our praises!

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