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Celebrate Spring and Improve your Arkansas Workplace with Indoor Plants

Do you need office plants in Hot Springs? Flowering plants in North Little Rock? How about tropical plants in Heber Springs?

If you need any live or artifical plantscapes in Cabot, Searcy, Conway or El Dorado trust your interior plant design work to our Green Team at PLANTation Services. Spring is here, and soon everything will be turning green and growing strong, so why should your business be any different? Add spring vibrancy to your office and see the real benefits for your workplace. Here are a few reasons why live plants are not only pretty, but can actually improve the productivity of your work environment. Office Plants in Little Rock Arkansas
Looking for a Promotion? Buy a Plant
In December 2013, a group of scientists from the University of Exeter got together for a study to see if plants have any real, measurable effect on workplace productivity. They measured 350 subjects over 90 different experiments and measured happiness, creativity and productivity in various work environments. What they found was staggering – simple houseplants can help with concentration and productivity, increase overall staff wellbeing by 47% and increase creativity by 45%. We’re be biased at PLANTation Services but those numbers are pretty impressive to us! Office plants have also been shown to decrease stress and increase the overall happiness of the workplace. It’s a little investment that can have great results for you and your colleagues.
Breathe Clean with Tropical Office Plants
Even the biggest cities usually have a higher outdoor air quality than indoor air quality. Why? Because there are many more plants outside constantly cleaning and recycling the air. Since the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors, it’s important to keep your space healthy and clean. If your office or home feels stuffy and the air feels thick, a few plants can do wonders for your air quality. According to a NASA study, the Top 3 plants for air purification are the areca palm, the lady palm and the bamboo palm. The areca palm can even completely replace electric humidifiers. No wonder tropical vacations always feel so refreshing! One lesser-known benefit of office plants is noise reduction. Stems, leaves, wood and branches can go a long way to absorb that white noise in the office from clicking keyboards, printers and conversation. If your workplace has a large number of solid surfaces, such as stone or marble, the difference in noise level can be even more noticeable. Plants can help absorb distracting office noise.
Stay Classy
A professional workplace can both impress clients and ensure your employees stay productive. Plants cost less than other corporate design elements, but they often have more of a visual punch. Studies have shown that clients and employees view an interior with plants as more expensive-looking, welcoming and relaxed. It’s your workplace, so why not make it look as good as possible for everyone? At PLANTation Services, Our Green Team specializes in plant installation and maintenance for indoor landscapes and special events around Little Rock, Arkansas. We’ll help you choose the best plants for your workplace and even take care of maintenance! Don’t tend to the plants; we will! And you’ll reap all the benefits of a green office environment. Give us a call today at 888-821-5770 or click here for a free quote and to find out more!

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