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Indoor Plant Design

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One of the many benefits of a free consultation from PLANTation Services is a professional indoor plant design. Competitive pricing and superior value in indoor plant design are hallmarks of PLANTation Services. Across Little Rock and Central Arkansas, clients can expect great value during each step of the process from initial plant design to ongoing professional care.

Commercial Plant Design

PLANTation Services will work to create an indoor plant design that will help to increase productivity, clean the air and enhance your business image. Variety of plant and container choices as well as purchase and rental options allow for flexibility of budget considerations. Whether working with a large corporate office or small newly established business, PLANTation Services can satisfy all client needs with superior plant care regardless of budget. PLANTation Services will work to develop an integrated indoor plant design for your commercial space. Whether redefining your existing plant design or installing a new plantscape, PLANTation Services will create a look to complement your existing furniture and layout.

Residential Plant Design

Plants are the perfect accent for your home’s interior, but taking care of your own plants can be difficult. PLANTation Services’ “green team” will help select the right plants and containers to fit your budget and will keep your plants remaining healthy and clean. See other examples of our residential plant design here.

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