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Top 5 Low-Light-Loving Plants

As the days grow shorter, it is important to pay attention to the amount of light your indoor plants receive. Our Green Team at PLANTation Services is here to help with a quick list of our top 5 low-light-loving plants!   In order to determine a low light plant, you first have to identify what “low light” is. Light levels are measured in foot-candles, how bright the light is one foot away from the source. The average light indoors ranges from 50 fc to 500 fc, so make sure your plants can survive within this range for indoor spaces with low light.

1. English Ivy (100 – 200 fc) 

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Ivy plants bring a bit of the outdoors in with bright green, white or yellow colors. There are many varieties of ivy, but the English ivy cultivars are the most common type of ivy grown in homes. English ivy grows well in low light and cool temperatures. The solid green leaf will tolerate low light while the varieties with variegated leaves will require medium light conditions to keep their variegation. The way ivy falls along the sides of furniture gives indoor spaces a delicate and refined look.

2. Chinese Evergreens (50 – 250 fc)

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Chinese evergreens are a very popular houseplant because of their low-maintenance care. Moderate or low-light placement suits these plants just fine as they enjoy being in indirect sunlight. A warmer, humid environment is ideal for these indoor plants. Make sure you don’t overwater these plants or you’ll risk root rot. Keep all conditions moderate, and the Chinese evergreen will be an easy addition to your space.

3. Dracaena species (50 – 250 fc) 

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Sometimes called a Dragon Tree, this plant species is large and in charge. These plants do well in medium and low light. They thrive indoors with warmer temperatures and constant moisture. But if you want to keep these plants vibrantly colored, move them into brightly lit areas and watch them flourish.

4. Peace Lily (50 – 250 fc)


These versatile plants come in many shapes and sizes. Different types such as the ‘Power Petite’ and ‘Sweet Chico’ will stay small on a table top, but certain peace lilies in a large pot can grow up to six feet tall. They prefer indirect light, so as long as your room has a window, this plant will continue to grow. They are constantly producing bloom after bloom of beautiful, white, flag-like petals. This flexible plant would be a perfect addition to any indoor space.

5. Parlor Palm (50 – 250 fc) 

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The parlor palm also known as neanthe bella palm or Chamaedorea elegans, is slow-growing and low-light-loving. This palm can reach up to four feet tall and makes an elegant statement. If it is put in the lower end of its light spectrum, the parlor palm will begin to thin. Generally, this palm only needs its soil watered when it is dry to the touch. But in winter months like these, an occasional mist will keep this plant thriving. These low-light-loving plants are the picture-perfect addition to your wintertime décor.

Unsure which plant is the perfect fit? Our Green Team can help! Our indoor plant experts will design the perfect plantscape for your indoor space. Whether it is an office, a retail space, or your home, PLANTation Services can find the ideal plant and help keep them thriving all year long. Give us a call today and find out why we were voted Arkansas’ Best Interior Plant Service 13 years in a row!

The Downtown Dynamic

There’s something about glass buildings and restaurant hot spots that draws movers and shakers to the city. At PLANTation Services, we help create a more dynamic downtown experience by providing plant rentals and plant maintenance for businesses across Arkansas. Our Green Team has years of experience in using plants to completely transform lobbies, hallways and offices. Office spaces and lobbies are known for their interesting indoor plants. With plants, the sky is the limit. Whether you need a small plant to help the look of your personal office or an exotic tree to create a grand entrance, we have done it all. Just think of all the possibilities! Add Decorative Accents As potential clients or customers are waiting to speak with you, they will most likely they’ll have time to notice your lobby waiting area. You can only make a first impression once, so you want a space designed to make guests feel comfortable. Our Green Team has the resources to add important accents to your lobby. Potential clients or customers will quickly see that your business pays attention to small details. Create an Interesting Entrance There are countless possibilities when it comes to using plants to glam-up an entrance. If you’re looking for big and bold, ornate elegance or rustic charm, trees could give you the upgrade you’re looking for. Both employees and guests will appreciate the natural elegance of your entrance and what it says about the culture of your business. Fill Blank Spaces You set the stage for what your guests see when they are walking through your office. Blank walls and counters don’t add to the ambiance. A shallow bowl with an intricate display is great for a hallway table. Whether big or small, plants are a great way to add a modern flair to any office space. Just like your office, our PLANTation Services Green Team is dynamic as well. Our well-trained staff is enthusiastic about meeting your plant needs. After all decisions are final, you can leave the set up and maintenance to us. From the moment you call us to get started, we are pleasant and professional. You can trust us to think outside the box to design the perfect plant presentation for you.

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