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Message to Budding Horticulturists

May is graduation month and the team at PLANTation Services wanted to take a moment and speak to those soon-to-be post-grads during this special season. If you’re facing graduation and are interested in horticulture, here are some life lessons and tips for your career from our leader, Robin Connell. Robin Connell FFA Robin has been learning about plants since she was a freshman in high school when she was involved in the floriculture team of Future Farmers of America (FFA). After competing in the national FFA competition, she became more aware of the many different aspects of the horticulture industry, including creating commercials for florists, building flower arrangements for a wedding, designing within a budget, tropical plants and more. One part of the competition was landscape design, which opened her mind to a new aspect that interested her. Starting at this point, she learned many valuable life lessons.

1. Begin with what you love. Studying plants came easily for her, so she entered college at Louisiana Tech to pursue a plant science degree. After many classes, some worries and conversations with her advisor, Robin ended up adding a business degree and graduated not knowing where her career would go. Robin Connell 2. Pay attention to what you like and don’t like. In her job search immediately after college, Robin actually stumbled across an ad for a job at PLANTation Services. After meeting with the then-owners who did not have a position available that they felt was a good fit, Robin ended up taking a job at a florist and learned a little bit of everything. From helping out with HR, marketing, sales and even IT, she was able to see the process in detail. Although she quickly learned this was not the best spot for her, Robin gained very valuable on-the-job experience and insight into her passions. Robin Connell Floral Design 3. Don’t give up. Robin reached back out to the PLANTation Services owners to let them know she was in town and wanted to reconnect. The group caught up and the owners ended up offering her a job, although they didn’t exactly have a job description for her.

4. Take advantage of learning experiences and opportunities available. Robin began at PLANTation Services and hit the ground running helping to launch the company’s redesigned website, editing copy, implementing a time-tracking system and documenting many of the daily processes. She found that, although she did not begin by working with plants, her skills were valuable to the company and she took this opportunity to improve the existing infrastructure. When the manager position became available, Robin was offered the promotion. Five years into working at the company, the owners offered Robin the business and she became the owner of PLANTation Services. 5. Be open and pursue your passions. This thread can be woven throughout Robin’s career. She never went into this field thinking she’d own her own business, but she believes her success is partly due to just being happy at work. No matter what she was doing, she found a way to do what made her happy. Robin continues to reap the benefits of enjoying her work and the people she interacts with daily.

At PLANTation Services, our love for plants and excellent service motivates our daily work. We truly do enjoy taking care of our plants and customers each day. If you’re interested in joining our team, learn more here. Or, give us a call at (888) 821-5770 and learn how our dedicated team of indoor plant professionals can breathe life into your space!

Poinsettias from PLANTation Services

Poinsettias from PLANTation Services Poinsettias are practically synonymous with the holidays. Everyone who has purchased one is familiar with the struggle to keep them vibrant through the months of holiday cheer. Kick off the season by adding these beauties to your holiday décor and the Green Team at PLANTation Services guarantees to keep your poinsettias healthy through the holidays.
<em>Photo courtesy of</em>m

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Get your orders in today! November 17 is the deadline if you want to receive your plants in early December. Orders are still taken after this date, but you’ll receive the plants closer to mid-December. Many plants in the Euphorbiaceae family, like poinsettias, ooze a milky sap. Be careful if you have a latex allergy, as you may experience a skin reaction after touching the leaves, and be sure to keep young pets away from the plant as the sap may cause irritation or nausea if ingested. These leaves are often mistaken as flowers, but the showy red portions are simply a modified leaf or bract.

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  Poinsettias are a festive touch to any space. They can be ordered as gifts for friends, family or corporate clients, or you can warm up your home with poinsettias and enliven your holiday decorating. Lastly you may want to spruce up your office by adding a few to your workspace and for just $5 more per plant you can have the green team guarantee their care throughout the holiday season.

Interested in poinsettias? Call PLANTation Services today! Be sure to get your orders in before November 17 if you want to receive them early. We guarantee healthy plants through the holidays – that’s one less thing you have to worry about! Let our Green Team take care of your holiday plant décor and allow you to enjoy the holidays with peace of mind.

BOO-tiful Plants for Halloween

BOO-tiful Plants for Halloween
Looking for a new way to decorate for Halloween? Check out these spooky looking indoor plants from PLANTation Services. We can help design the perfect indoor landscape or centerpiece to complement your Halloween décor and keep those plants healthy through All Hallow’s Eve.

Corkscrew Rush

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Electrify your Halloween décor with the corkscrew rush! This plant’s long, spiraled tendrils give off a creepy aesthetic, almost as if the plant can come to life before your eyes. The spiraling habit of the grass-like plant has the botanical name Juncus Effusus Spiralis. The corkscrew rush is a very versatile plant. It thrives equally in well-drained soil or slightly marshy areas. In fact, the corkscrew rush is an excellent plant to use in or near water features, since it flourishes in watery soil.

Spider Plants

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The name alone might give you a clue as to why we chose this creepy plant for your Halloween décor. It is named for its spider-like leaves, or spiderettes, which dangle down from the root plant like spiders on a web Spider plants are adaptable houseplants but perform best in high light situations. You may encounter brown tips on the spiderettes, which are usually caused by fluoride in tap water.


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This blood-red, brain-like flower can give your guests a spooky feeling as they walk in your door this Halloween! You might also hear it called Wool Flower or Brain Celosia. Although originally named for its resemblance to the red comb on a rooster’s head, this plant comes in cat-eye yellow, paranormal pink, ominous orange and ghostly white. They make excellent cut flowers and last a long time in a vase, yet another way they are perfect for seasonal decorating. They also dry well and can be used next year.


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These gargantuan leaves could leave you a bit startled with their size! There are many words to describe the Alocasia genus — stunning, architectural, jewel-like, skeletal — and all of them are appropriate. Native to Asia, the Alocasia is also called an Elephant Ear or African Mask Plant. Some varieties of this plant can grow as tall as a tree while others are perfect additions to color bowls for your inside décor, either way they bring quite a statement to your space!

Feeling spooked by these plants? Let PLANTation Services face your fears by designing and maintaining your indoor Halloween landscape or your entrance combo pots. Whether it’s a creative centerpiece or a statement-making design, our Green Team will help create the perfectly ghoulish look! Give us a call today!

PLANTation Services Celebrates World Teachers’ Day!

PLANTation Services Celebrates World Teachers’ Day!

October 5 is World Teachers’ Day! Our Green Team here at PLANTation Services wants to thank teachers and educational programs that focus on plants and trees, whether it’s in biology, chemistry, agriculture, botany, EAST, STEM or any other class. A teacher has inspired each of us during our years in the classroom, so we want to take this chance to say thank you.

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Thank you for cultivating curious minds and educating students on plants and horticulture. Thank you for passionately passing on your insight, experience and knowledge to students and developing that same passion in us.

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We also want to thank teachers who keep plants in their classrooms, utilizing living art to enliven these spaces. Thank you to schools that have community gardens and spark students’ imaginations and interest in subjects such as agriculture, botany and horticulture. PLANTation Services celebrates World Teachers’ Day and honors those who inspire students every day!

National Plants at Work Week

If you’re working full time, chances are you haven’t had time to develop a green thumb. The last time that you owned a plant was probably in the first grade when you grew a milkweed plant in a plastic cup to learn about photosynthesis. However, it is officially National Plants at Work Week and this could be the perfect opportunity to branch out into plant ownership.

Of course, you’re not alone in this endeavor. The PLANTation Services Green Team can help with anything and everything you might run into this week. Whether you want to rent plants in Little Rock for the entire office or revitalize a plant that needs some help in Hot Springs, we’re here for you!

This week is a celebration of the great things plants contribute to our lives. You probably learned about how they help us breathe in your first grade photosynthesis lesson. There are many more reasons that plants give more than they take.

Plants are more than just eco-friendly decoration. They also provide psychological comfort in the workplace. Being able to see plants during a workday can make you feel less stressed. They can also make you be more productive and comfortable in your environment due to a slight increase in humidity.

The best part about National Plants at Work Week is that you can start small and grow. By just bringing a few plants into the workplace, you could see a vast difference in your team. PLANTation Services’ Green Team can help the adventure be as stress-free as possible.

Here are a few plants and facts about them to help you decide where to start:



Succulents have been trending lately on social media outlets such as Instagram and Pinterest. Since they are small in size, they can fit well on a desk. They also look cool and are the perfect starter plants while you are building your confidence to get larger office plants for your team.

Sanseveria (or Snake Plants)

When you see one, you won’t miss it. Its defined structure keeps you interested and truly adds to a room. This plant is the perfect medium-sized decoration to add interest to a lobby area or meeting room. You can purchase the snake plant when it’s small and watch it grow to up to four feet tall. With this plant, the office is sure to feel brighter and well-decorated.

Ficus Rubra (or Rubber Trees)

You have probably seen these plants in an office or conference room – their sturdy and rich-colored leaves certainly make a statement. The best thing about these plants is that they can thrive in medium to bright light and a temperature range from 60 to 80 degrees. So whether your office team cranks it up or makes it a borderline icebox, you won’t have to worry about these impressive plants.


Maybe plants are something you’d like to keep around the office but you don’t have time to keep up with maintenance. That’s where we come in – at PLANTation Services we’ll handle all plant maintenance for your office. They may also be the solution to add liveliness in offices with neutral-colored walls and carpets.

If you are in central Arkansas and would like to improve your workplace’s atmosphere or impress clients by going green, PLANTation Services can be your personal green-thumbed Green Team. Give us a quick call at 888-821-5770 today and we’ll get this week started off the right way!

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