succulent dish

The Plants with the Best Personalities

2019 has been the year of succulents. These quirky plants have taken Pinterest and Instagram by storm. Whether it’s a tiny cactus in a cute Aztec-patterned planter or a string-of-pearl plant flowing from a hanging macrame pot, let’s face it — we can’t get away from succulents, and honestly,...

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Turn Your Special Events Green with PLANTation Services

Did you know we do special events, too? In addition to indoor and exterior plantscapes for offices and homes, our Green Team is your event décor go-to to make any big day extra special. Case studies have concluded that nature lowers your pulse by 6 percent, lowers stress hormones...

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3 Surprising Ways to Make Your Workplace More Productive

When it comes to creating success in any business, green matters. Usually, that means money. But have you ever considered outside-of-the-box tactics for boosting productivity in your workplace? There are a few things our team at PLANTation Services recommends that are proven to maximize focus and production. Let’s start...

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Faces of PLANTation Services: Meet Shana Ricks

Shana is our service manager here at PLANTation Services, which means she is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our team. She works with our on-the-ground teammates to help them serve our clients well and keep our plants happy! We sat down and asked Shana some questions so you...

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Houseplant Appreciation Day with PLANTation Services

Did you know that January 10 is Houseplant Appreciation Day? At PLANTation Services, we can’t think of a better holiday! After the bright colors of the holidays have been put away, there’s nothing like a houseplant to fill that void. Created by The Gardener’s Network, Houseplant Appreciation Day is...

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Why do we Celebrate the Holidays with Plants?

Whether it’s mistletoe, holly or bright poinsettias, the holiday season has long been celebrated with various plants. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas inspire many to give gifts and decorate their homes and offices, and many times these gifts and decorations include plants. According to, the poinsettia plant was...

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Unique Plantscapes from PLANTation Services

A blank slate in an office is our favorite thing at PLANTation Services. When a client calls and asks for our help in designing a space – whether it’s a home or office – our creative minds go wild exploring beautiful, unique options to bring life to the area....

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Pro Tips from Your PLANTation Services Green Team

Our Green Team at PLANTation Services is all about making sure your plants get the best care. There are so many misconceptions in the plant world on best practices for plant maintenance. We want to take this moment to give you our very best advice, or “pro tips,” if...

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National Indoor Plant Week: Why Plants?

Humans have an innate connection to nature. In fact, it’s science. Biophilia is the word used to identify this relationship – that our connection to the natural world is an important part of what makes us humans. We want to take a moment and celebrate National Indoor Plant Week by exploring...

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