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Care about your indoor air? Get some plants

We probably all learned in a science class that plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. We’ve also probably learned at some point that without the world’s jungles and forests our air would quickly become unbreathable. When discussing air quality, people most often focus on the atmosphere in general....

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5 Events That Could Benefit from Short-Term Live Plant Rentals

Short-term live plant rentals can make special occasions and one-time events more memorable by enhancing the atmosphere of the affair. Decorating with live plants is a creative way to bring the outdoors in and make interior spaces more inviting. PLANTation Services of Little Rock, Arkansas gives property managers, business...

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Top Ways That Indoor Plant Services Enhance Your Environment

Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, is a day recognized worldwide to support environmental protection. Individuals across the globe seek ways to give back to the environment. One common practice of being green is to plant a tree. In this regard we are reminded of the many benefits...

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