Little Rock’s Healthy Vending Machine Service for Hospitals, Schools, Offices and more.

Healthy Vending

SNACKtation Station is dedicated to providing healthy snacks at the touch of a button! Locally owned and operated, our vending machines make eating while on the go easier, and healthier for Arkansans. These products are sure to refresh your energy levels, wellness and mind!

Drinks, too!

SNACKtation Station will also offer a variety of healthy drinks to suit your needs! Carbonated sodas, energy drinks, non-dairy smoothies, non-carbonated juices, tea, coffee and water are just a few of your many options. Drink choices will include brands like WAT-AAH, Kefir, POMx and Jones among others.

Plenty of Options

Stocked with numerous options, SNACKtation Station vending machines allow you to enjoy snacks such as granola bars, popcorn, dried fruit and chips from top selling brands including Angie’s, Popchips, Terra Chips, Stacy’s, Back to Nature, Clif, Kind, Nature’s Bakery and many more!

Great Choices

With all of these nutritiously healthy snacks and drinks, you can’t go wrong!

Want to know just how SMART your snack is? Use this Alliance Product Calculator to figure out nutrition guidelines for your preferred goodies!

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